About us (English)


Each year ten thousands of people in the Netherlands are released from prison. Many of them struggle to get their lives back on track after detention. In many cases, their lives weren’t ‘on track’ before they committed the crime that lead to their imprisonment. Once in jail, people do not just lose their freedom, but often also their job, income and house while also their social relationships suffer because of the crime and/or the detention following from that. Moreover, imprisonment comes with a stigma that sticks to people when they leave jail to return to society and which makes it more difficult to make a new start.

Many people have sincere intentions to avoid future crimes after regaining their freedom. However, finding your way back to society after a period of imprisonment, comes with many obstacles. Unfortunately, almost half the people that are released from prison, commit another crime within two years after their release. This leads not only to a lot of personal misery and new convictions, but also to major societal costs and trouble. Reducing the occurrence of this vicious circle is an important step in establishing a safer and more inclusive society.

About Exodus Zuid-Holland

For over 30 years the Exodus foundation has contributed to a safer and more inclusive society by supporting ex-offenders and their relatives to restore their lives after detention and avoid future criminal behaviour. Exodus is a Dutch non-profit organisation working with a mixture of professionals and volunteers. We provide mentoring programs and temporary housing solutions for ex-offenders, support familymembers of prisoners, and also work with high-risk youngsters to help them steer away from criminal career paths.

Exodus Zuid-Holland has housing facilities in Rotterdam, The Hague, Leiden en Gouda and provides mobile forms of support and caregiving in many more municipalities. Our volunteers and professionals are also increasingly present in the prisons of the region, cooperating with case-managers and other prison staff to improve perspective for detainees during and after their imprisonment. We cooperate closely with mental health organisations, parole officers, the ministry of justice, municipalities, prisons and other parties involved with this group of vulnerable people.

Exodus Zuid-Holland is a member of Exodus Nederland which unites the Exodus foundations in five different regions in the Netherlands and a broad network of volunteers. Together we provide tailor made support-forms and housing facilities in more than ten cities and mobile care and volunteer services in and outside prisons in many more municipalities. We also function as a knowledge and learningnetwork and are committed to sharing our knowledge and learningprocesses with the outside world.